NSJ Launch

We are excited to celebrate the official launch of North Shore Jobs!

Our new platform is dedicated entirely to employers and job seekers within our local community
here on the North Shore! Through the NSJ website and expanded social media presence, NSJ
seeks to facilitate connections between area employers and job seekers in a new and exciting

Job seeking and the hiring process is overwhelming: so often both employers and job seekers
are unhappy with the results. We are here to help. Our team is here to assist you with all things
career-related on the North Shore.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about North Shore Jobs:

Q: What does NSJ Offer that other Job Boards Don’t?
A: NSJ bridges the gap between job listings and social media, vastly expanding your reach to
local job-seekers: why just post and passively wait for applicants to see your job listings and
apply? NSJ utilizes social media as a tool to inform job seekers that you’re hiring, connecting
them with your business via the social media platforms they are actively using on a daily basis.
NSJ also provides customized recruiting services for businesses through our Platinum NSJ membership. 
Job Seekers: NSJ provides career development and interview preparation resources through our blog and social media outlets, providing you with numerous platforms to connect with local
employers and view area job listings.

Q. How can I get involved with North Shore Jobs?
A: Join the NSJ community today by signing up on the site-it’s completely free. From there,
create an employer profile and post jobs, or save your favorite listings and search results.
Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we’ll be posting job openings and
promoting local businesses every day!

Q: Is North Shore jobs only for jobs on the North Shore of MA?
A: While the core mission of NSJ is to strengthen the local workforce here in our North Shore
community, anyone is welcome to post jobs to the site.

Q: Can I get a job featured without having to pay a fee?
A: YES! Here’s how:

#NORTHSHOREJOBS or #SEACOASTCAREERS (in Southern NH) to have your job listing
featured for free on our NSJ Instagram account!