NSJ Featured Non-Profit Opportunity Works

Dear Friends, Family and Loyal Supporters,

We are excited to share that 2024 marks Opportunity Works’ 50th anniversary! A venture which started a half century ago as a dream for three individuals, their families and a handful of local community members determined to make a difference. Today, Opportunity Works proudly supports over three hundred individuals and employs more than 120 team members.

In 1973, a group of area residents concerned about the lack of services and supports available to individuals with developmental disabilities sought to create an organization offering a variety of programs, all designed to reflect the unique needs of the individuals. Early March 1974, members of the inaugural board of directors took the first steps in pursuit of that vision, having the first meeting of the board to file the Articles Incorporation and fifty years later we proudly celebrate Opportunity Works Golden Anniversary!

Opportunity Works
Growing exponentially throughout the years both in terms of the numbers of people served and the vast scope of services provided, today we support hundreds of individuals from over twenty-six communities throughout northeast Massachusetts.

Since the start, Opportunity Works has been committed to providing quality, innovative services to adults with developmental disabilities and we attribute our continued success to our strong partnerships with the individuals we support, our team members, families, friends, community members, businesses, and devoted professionals throughout the last five decades.

Surviving the pandemic – Amidst a global crisis, Opportunity Works staff, leadership and board soared to new heights to assure support and connections with our individuals never wavered. It was remarkably humbling to experience the unparalleled compassion and dedication exhibited in keeping our individuals not only safe but healthy and active during the pandemic, and our commitment to keep our mission at the helm through it all.

From the very beginning, Opportunity Works has been a unique organization wherein the people we support are at the center of all we do. Our 50-year journey has not only focused on providing care and support to individuals and their families, but also deeply inspiring and nurturing the human spirit allowing our mission of Empowering People, Changing Lives, to guide us, each and every day.

Opportunity Works remains steadfast to enhancing the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities and will continue eliminating barriers that affect people through community advocacy and education throughout the next fifty years.

With anniversary events taking place throughout 2024 we look forward to celebrating with YOU and thank you for your unwavering commitment to Opportunity Works valuable work and important mission.

Cheers to 50 years of service and many more to come!


Jane Harris-Fale

Executive Director